December Newsletter

We’re off to the races - IPTV Beta Testing is officially underway!

In November, Atlas met with our Suncadia Beta Testing group for the new IPTV upgrade. We discussed the new features and functionality of IPTV, and sent them home with new set top boxes.

This upgrade and drop-in set top box replacement comes at no additional cost to you, will resolve the audio-visual synchronization bug, and enables users to:

  • See channels up to a week in advance.
  • Enjoy an improved channel guide with richer content and greater detail.
  • Search for programs by name and receive in-depth scheduling information.

Within the first few months of 2017 we will begin installing additional set top boxes in the Suncadia community. All residents who subscribe to Atlas IPTV services will be upgraded. We are excited to get our first batch of Beta Receivers next week!

It’s time to upgrade!

To the Active Ethernet (AE) Network.

Receive a faster, more reliable internet and improved telephone and TV connectivity with Active Ethernet!

Atlas has successfully upgraded approximately half of all Suncadia homes to the AE Network from the aging fiber equipment installed by the previous operator. Through this simple upgrade, homeowners will enjoy faster connection speeds and a higher quality phone and television connection. If you haven’t been upgraded yet, we’ll be contacting you soon via phone or email to schedule your upgrade. There is no installation cost for the equipment upgrade, although some homeowners still on the legacy lower end service plans will see a slight rate change due to increased speeds. Please see our website for more details:

Don’t want to wait? Contact us today to schedule your home for the AE upgrade!

Gigabit internet speeds will be available to Node 3 residents soon.

Atlas operates 6 fiber distribution nodes in Suncadia, and we are planning to upgrade Node 3’s equipment, making next generation speeds available to more residents. All Suncadia residents whose homes are serviced from “Node 3” will have the option to increase their internet from the standard 100 Mbps, to ultra-fast Gigabit speeds. With this upgrade, nearly all areas in Suncadia will be gigabit capable. Contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of this Gigabit option!

If you live on the following streets in Suncadia, your home is affected by this upgrade: Larkspur Loop (West of Wood Rose Court), Bunchberry Ct., Snowberry Loop, Elk Sedge Ct., Ocean Spray Ct., Dogwood Ct., Spirea Ct., Buttercup C., Meadow Sweet Ct.

Kenneth to the rescue!

Thanks to the quick turnaround of our Suncadia field technician, Kenneth Howard, a winter weather mishap became a non-issue. Earlier this week a snow plow hit one of Suncadia’s vaults, ripping up the fiber inside and taking two residences offline. Kenneth was able to quickly resolve the issue by fusion splicing the damaged fiber getting the two homes back online in no time. Thanks Kenneth!

We loved your photos.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Suncadia photo contest this past summer. Your photos were just beautiful. So beautiful, that we have decided to incorporate some of them into our new website, showcasing the scenic Suncadia Community! All photo credits will be given, and for those with a flair for photography, we plan to accept additional photo submissions for our new website in the future. Check out the top photos from last summer here.


December Newsletter